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The parent company of The Supplies Shops, Drew & Rogers Inc., was founded in 1944 selling carbon paper, mimeo sheets, and other office forms paper in post-war America. Initially focused solely on business forms in the New York and New Jersey area, Drew & Rogers soon expanded their business to meet the needs of clients across the country. As office requirements, technology, and businesses evolved, so too did Drew & Rogers.

An expansion of business services has allowed Drew & Rogers to establish divisions in specific business areas. These divisions provide experience and expertise in fields such as business forms, commercial printing, flexible packaging, promotional items, shrink sleeve labels, custom printed golf balls, and more. Though customized products can be ordered, many of the products carried by Drew & Rogers Inc. could be sold off the shelf to customers. That fact, coupled with the popularity of internet shopping, the ability to simply and quickly place orders online that could be fulfilled rapidly, allowed Drew & Rogers Inc. to establish The Supplies Shops suite of sites that focus specifically on office and warehouse supplies.

Through The Filing Supplies Shop, The Envelope Supplies Shop, The Label Supplies Shop, The Business Form Supplies Shop, and The Tape Supplies Shop brands, The Supplies Shops division of Drew & Rogers can provide products in a prompt and economical way to our customers. Of course, the fact that The Supplies Shops branch of Drew & Rogers is focused on e-commerce does not mean that there is no help waiting in the wings. There is a dedicated customer service staff with the knowledge and experience to help customers find the products they need, place orders, and if necessary facilitate returns and exchanges.

The mission of Drew & Rogers Inc., and The Supplies Shops, is to provide the largest range of high quality products to their customers at the lowest prices with the fastest service. Whether ordering one product, or a host of business services, our goal is to help our customers grow their business. We like to think that The Supplies Shops division is a step in the right direction to accomplishing this goal. As a family business having started small, The Supplies Shops, and all of Drew & Rogers Inc., would like to take the opportunity to thank you for taking a moment to learn more about us, and would appreciate any opportunity afforded to us to help you grow your business.
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New Jersey residents are subject to sales tax.
All items offered by The Supplies Shops on the marketplace ship for free!
• Contact The Supplies Shops via email at info@suppliesshop.com
• List the order number, as well as reason for exchange / replacement.
• Customers are responsible to return the product(s) via UPS Ground to the provided address and provide The Supplies Shops with a tracking number to receive a refund on those items.
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